• Summer/Autumn

Kilpisjärvi’s summer is short, but breathtaking.
The light of the nightless night lasts more than two months in Kilpisjärvi on May 22. – 25.7., when nature wakes up to bloom incredibly fast in the 24-hour light. At Midsummer, you can still ski in the heights of the fell, admire the glory of flowers on the way down and take a dip in the clear waters of the  Kilpisjärvi lake from the sauna.

One of the best activities in summer and fall is fishing. Kilpisjärvi lake and the nearby rivers are clean and clear, offering versatile opportunities for fishing. Traditional catches from the Kilpisjärvi area are trout, grayling, and arctic char. The big catches of the Arctic Ocean, halibut and sea trout, are also a day trip away from Kilpisjärvi!

Kilpisjärvi is a destination that everyone who loves fishing or hiking must experience.



Kayaking in the silence of the great fells relaxes and restores. Clear water and the sound of streams invite you to day trips. We rent kayaks and rowboats to our guests, which are waiting at Tundrea’s pier.

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The surroundings of Kilpisjärvi are a hiker’s dream. Breathtaking landscapes and beautiful day routes, peaks to conquer in a couple of hours, and longer hiking opportunities beyond the eye’s reach. You can move around on foot or by mountain bike.

Please remember to check the camping instructions at nationalparks.fi for safe camping for everyone.


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Kilpisjärvi is a fishing destination for the whole family, where fishing opportunities and places can be found for every taste.

The surrounding silence, clean air and the world’s clearest waters with catches such as grayling, trout and iron guarantee an unforgettable fishing trip in Kilpisjärvi.

You will need to purchase a fishong permit. The permits for our area are Tornionjoki-Muonionjoki-Könkämäeno 2502, Enontekiö wilderness 1551, and 1550 Lätäseno.

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The longest nightless night in Finland colors the landscape again and again and with the most diverse colors. Blooming flowers, special fauna, the splendor of fall, majestic horizon with fells… The photographer’s inspiration is fueled by the seasons as well as nature all year round in Kilpisjärvi. Photography trips to Kilpisjärvi are also organized. More information can be found here: Enontekijolapland.com

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