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Kilpisjärvi’s natural phenomena can be experienced in many ways –
Finland’s longest day in the summer and the most plentiful
Northern Lights in the winter do not leave adventurers cold at these latitudes!

Our partners offer astonishing experiences. Below you can browse and book activities for your holiday.

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Equipment hire

There are many nice day excursion routes that start near Tundrea. You can take a kayak or boat on to the water from our own beach.
There is no need to drag all your equipment with you from home. You can also hire rides from us. Please see the price list and remember to also ask us about routes, we will be happy to help.

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Kilpisjärvi’s nature offers places to explore for several days. Refreshing waterfalls, Finlands oldest nature protection area Malla, the grand Saana Fell and the grand fells that rise up to altitudes of
more than a kilometre, the Arctic Ocean and the Three-Country Cairn are easily accessible from Kilpisjärvi.

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Pastel tones above, glimmering snow below and the breathe of the horizon around. Winter and spring are spent at the fell or on ice: snowmobiling, ice fishing, skiing, backcountry skiing and mountain biking keep the days interesting. Then, you can spend the evening relaxing under the Northern Lights.

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Finland’s longest day – two nightless nights, create the opportunities for activities around the clock.

The golden landscapes together with the fell fauna invite hikers to Kilpisjärvi.

How does hiking, photography, fishing, canoeing or mountain biking in autumn landscapes sounds?

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  • Aurora Borealis

    Northern Lights can be seen in Kilpisjärvi once the dark season has arrived, from late autumn to early spring.

    The Northern Lights are most clear during crisp frosty weather conditions. But do you know what the Northern Lights tell about?

    Northern Lights can only be seen in the magnetic zones of the Earth, i.e. The Arctic
    Circle areas, where the charged solar particles collide with the atmosphere and radiate due to their charge.

    Kilpisjärvi is one of Finland’s most active areas of Northern Lights and the colours light up the sky every week!

    Revontuli forecast


We offer the most comprehensive selection of accommodation in Kilpisjärvi. Whether you are
looking for blue serenity or some romance in the Igloo or a warm and well equipped cabin for a large or small group.
Authentic or luxury – your choice. Nature and Tundrea will take care of the rest.

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Shoreside Sauna and Jacuzzi

The warm hot tub and bubbles create an atmosphere, no matter the weather.
The shoreside sauna’s entity includes two changing rooms, a sauna and showers, a large fireplace room with a fully equipped kitchen and a long dining table, and of course an amazing jacuzzi.

You can book your preferred entity at the Shoreside Sauna at an hourly rate.
The restaurant’s catering services and takeaway services are perfect to be combined with an unforgettable hot tub evening!

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