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Kilpisjärvi’s enchanting nature and infinite tranquillity evolves for
the area’s unique location. At the three-country cairn, at the tip of
Finland’s thumb, Kilpisjärvi is situated between the clear-watered
Lake Kilpisjärvi and the Sami fell of Saana at an altitude of 500 metres above sea level.

In the village of approximately one hundred people, the sky is high,
infinite and close. Finland’s best Northern Lights can be admired here.

From Kilpisjärvi, it is easy to travel 50 km to the Arctic Ocean as
well as Norway or Sweden. Activities that are unique to the area
are, in the summer, fishing and hiking, and in the winter, skiing, ice fishing and snowmobiling.

At Kilpisjärvi, the most important aspect is to enjoy – this place
takes you to a timeless unhurriedness where the mind is free and the soul can breathe.

Saana arctic fell

The grandest of Finland’s national landscapes, the 1,029-metre-high
Saana fell, which is the Sami people’s sacred sacrificial site, must be climbed if you visit Kilpisjärvi.

The route to the peak of Saana starts in the yard area of Kilpisjärvi nature centre. The beginning of the route is gravelled, from where it continues in the fell’s birch forests and finally granite stairs lead you to the very peak. Due to nature protection, it is recommended that climbing to the peak takes place along the marked route.

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Kilpisjärvi lake

The waterway at the root of Saana fell, Lake Kilpisjärvi, provides fishers
with graylings and carries canoers on its clean waters. The legendary ‘Vain Kaksi Kalaa’ ice fishing competition is held on the lake’s ice in May while the spring sun shines.
The ice melts from the lake in mid-June and the first snow falls in September-October.

The fish-rich Könkämäeno runs from Lake Kilpisjärvi via River Muoniojoki to River Torniojoki. At Tundrea, we accommodate many fishers who arrive to the fishing waters of Lake Kilpisjärvi and for a holiday of their dreams!

Three-Country Cairn

The quickest border crossings of your life! At the Three-Country Cairn,
between Finland, Sweden and Norway, you can switch countries in a
matter of seconds. The famous landmark attracts visitors in the summer and in the winter.
In summer, you can go hiking or board the Malla ferry and travel to the Three-Country Cairn, and in the winter, you can reach the destination e.g. by skiing.

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  • Aurora Borealis


    Northern Lights can be seen in Kilpisjärvi once the dark season has arrived, from late autumn to early spring.

    The Northern Lights are most clear during crisp frosty weather conditions. But do you know what the Northern Lights tell about?
    Northern Lights can only be seen in the magnetic zones of the Earth, i.e. The Arctic Circle areas, where the charged solar particles
    collide with the atmosphere and radiate due to their charge, Kilpisjärvi is one of Finland’s most active areas of Northern Lights and the colours light up the sky almost every week!

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