Questions and answers

What kind of a village is Kilpisjärvi?

Kilpisjärvi is situated in Northwest Lapland, at the “tip of the thumb” of Finland’s arm, at the border of Finland, Sweden and Norway. The centre of Kilpisjärvi’s village is small and almost all services are at a walking distance from Tundrea. The village has a K-kauppa grocery store, which has a large selection of products, Alko, a petrol station, a restaurant and a sports shop.
Only around 100 people live in Kilpisjärvi all year round, so please note that the opening hours of the shop and restaurants depends on the season.
All seasons are different and unique in Kilpisjärvi. Nature is stunning here during all seasons. All of Finland’s over one-kilometre-high fells are situated in the surroundings of Kilpisjärvi. There are lots of wilderness areas in Kilpisjärvi, and you can read about their rules and practices on the website:

How to get to Kilpisjärvi?

The nearest airports are in Norway, Tromssa airport (175 km), in Finland, Kittilä airport (265 km) and Enontekiö airport (161 km). The nearest train stations are located in Kolari and Rovaniemi. Motorails, in which you can take your own vehicle, run at both stations.

Airport transfers are organised by: Kilpistaksi
Bus connections can be found at the following website:

A private or hire care is also a good option. You can find a charging point for electric vehicles at Kilpisjärvi’s petrol station.

Check-in and check-out times?

Check-in starts at 4 pm. It is possible to check-in earlier if there has been time to prepare the property. If you arrive after 8 pm, please notify Tundrea’s reception. You can also arrive late at night as long as we are aware of this in advance.

Check-out takes place at 12 pm.
If you would like to check-out at a later time, you can ask about the possibility at the reception.

Does the price include bed linen, towels and final cleaning?

From the beginning of 2022, we have decided to offer our customers ready made beds and towels. Final cleaning is also included in the price. However, we kindly ask our customers to help with the cleaning by placing any dirty dishes in the dishwasher, turning the dishwasher on and taking out any waste to the waste collection point upon leaving.
Bed linen in not yet included in all our accommodation properties. Exceptions are Saana Cave, Grouse Cave, Unna cabins, Luongasloma and Kätkäsuvanto. You can take your own bed linen to these sites, or you can rent bed linen sets from us for a price of 13€/set.

In terms of cleaning, the Luongasloma and Kätkäsuvanto cabins have been priced in such a way that cleaning is the responsibility of the customers. If you wish, you can order cleaning from us for a separate fee.

Do the accommodation sites have toilet paper, filter bags, spices, tin foil, baking paper, etc.?

The accommodation sites are equipped with toilet paper, hand soap, shampoo, shower gel, dishwasher detergent and dishwasher tablets. We do not supplement other products, but there may be some that have been left behind by previous customers.

The equipment of Iglu House is significantly more diverse. In addition to the previously mentioned equipment, you can also find e.g. hygiene supplies, coffee, tea and spices.