Booking conditions






These contract terms, which come into force on 25 July 2016, are Tourism and Restaurant Services MaRa

drawn up taking into account the advice of the association’s expert service.


  1. Scope and special conditions

These terms and conditions apply to accommodation businesses for individual persons

for accommodation reservations made. However, these conditions do not apply

reservations made by individuals, if the reservation is made for a group,

whose size is more than 9 people and no vacation rental or brokerage.

These conditions also apply only to those made via the internet

for accommodation reservations that are made by an accommodation establishment or an accommodation chain

through their own websites.

In these terms, accommodation refers to a building that

an apartment or other place of business where business activities are carried out

accommodation activities such as hotels, motels, hostels,

guesthouse and campsite.

The accommodation has the right to use those that deviate from these conditions

special conditions, if the use of special conditions can be justified during public holidays,

for special events specific to accommodation or related to accommodation

because of ancillary services. Special conditions deviating from these conditions may

in addition, it is used by ski centers and other similar holiday centers

accommodation facilities located in connection with the operation of which is characteristic

large seasonal variation.

Information must be given to the customer when confirming the reservation

about the content of the special conditions.


  1. Reservation and confirmation

When making a reservation, the customer must state his name, residential address,

arrival and departure time and payment method.

The reservation binds the accommodation company when it is confirmed orally, in writing

or e.g. by e-mail. The accommodation can set the payment of the reservation fee or

confirming the reservation with a credit card as a condition for the reservation to be binding.


  1. Arrival and departure of the customer

The room is available to the customer at 16:00 on the day of arrival and it is

must be handed in by 12:00 on the day of departure. The accommodation can have

arrival and departure times that differ from this.

The room is kept reserved for the customer until 18:00. If the customer

arrives at the accommodation later than this, he must report it

to the accommodation facility under the threat of cancellation of the reservation.

If the customer has arrived at the accommodation in accordance with its arrival times,

but the reserved room is not available, it is at no additional cost to him

get the closest possible room of a similar standard. In addition, the customer

is entitled to compensation for the direct damages caused to him

such as those arising from the necessary investigation of the matter, telephone and

travel expenses.


  1. Reservation guarantee (Hotel Reservation Service)

Holders of international credit cards can confirm the reservation

use the Booking Guarantee. It can be used to keep a room reserved at 6:00 p.m

even after, without the customer separately notifying the lateness

upon arrival. The accommodation requests the following information from the cardholder: name, card

number and validity period, address, telephone number and

email address. The accommodation has the right to request the information in writing

or orally.

The accommodation provides the customer with the following information: the name of the accommodation and

address, room price including taxes, reservation number and cancellation conditions and

the price of one day of no-show including taxes

the possibility of a corresponding charge if the cardholder does not arrive as agreed

at the time to the accommodation and not those announced by the accommodation

cancellation conditions have not been met. If the customer wishes, he has the right to receive

information also in writing. The customer must keep the one given by the accommodation company



  1. Cancellation and non-arrival

The customer can cancel the room reservation free of charge two days before the reservation

start date.

If the customer does not arrive, the accommodation has the right to charge him

the price for one day, unless the room can be resold.

If the customer who used the Reservation Guarantee does not cancel the reservation and does not arrive,

the accommodation provider has the right to charge the customer’s credit card as compensation

price for one day including taxes. The property has

obligation to prove that the customer has not canceled his reservation

in accordance with the cancellation conditions and that he has accepted the consequences

charge your expenses to your credit card.

The customer can cancel a reservation for several nights free of charge on the 30th

one day before the start date of the reservation. About what happened after that

for cancellation, 35% of the reservation value will be charged for the period when the room

has not been resold. If the customer cancels for more than one night

less than 15 days before the start date of the reservation, will be charged

50% of the reservation value. If the customer cancels for more than one night

less than 7 days before the start date of the reservation, will be charged

100% of the booking value.


  1. Departure before the agreed time

If the customer leaves before the agreed departure date, he must notify

at the latest at 18:00 on the day before departure to the accommodation.

Otherwise, the accommodation provider has the right to charge him one as compensation

daily price.

If it is a question of accommodation for several nights, the customer must pay

the agreed price for the unused time, unless the room can be sold



  1. Payments

The customer pays for the arrival or departure of the room to the property

in connection with or in advance for the portion of the reservation fee.

The accommodation company will deduct any booking fee paid in advance

of the final room bill. If the customer cancels his reservation

contrary to the cancellation conditions, the accommodation has the right to keep the customer

made by the reservation fee.

If, accordingly, the customer has canceled the room in accordance with the cancellation conditions,

the accommodation establishment is obliged to return to the customer what he has paid

excluding the booking fee and office expenses.

If the accommodation has incurred costs for the customer’s order

special services or arrangements, such as party decorations,

reservation of other spaces required for the order, reservation

for special diets, etc., the customer must reimburse the costs incurred

for accommodation. The accommodation can deduct the mentioned expenses for the customer

of the refundable reservation fee.

The customer has the right to cancel the reservation free of charge and receive

the booking fee paid back, if it would be unreasonable to charge it

despite the customer’s cancellation or non-arrival. Here

it’s about the customer or his loved one becoming seriously ill, seriously

accident, death or other unexpected and serious

from an event such as a fire in an apartment. A spouse is considered a close person

common-law partner, child, parent, parent-in-law, sibling, grandchild,

a grandparent or travel partner with whom accommodation has been arranged

in the same room. The customer must state the reason for non-arrival

immediately to the accommodation facility and it must be proven by a reliable statement,

such as a doctor’s certificate, a police report or an insurance company

with a statement. The statement must be delivered within a reasonable time after the customer

has received a statement. However, the accommodation has the right to deduct

of the refundable amount, office expenses.

If, due to the aforementioned circumstances, the customer leaves the accommodation

occurs before the agreed departure date, can be paid by the customer

on the basis of point 6 above, the otherwise agreed price is reasonable

for unused time, unless the room has been resold.

After the reservation has been confirmed, the accommodation provider does not have the right to increase the price

and correspondingly, there is also no obligation to reduce the agreed accommodation

price. An exception to this is made up of taxes and other public

changes in payments, if they have not been taken into account

when making a booking confirmation. However, the accommodation may not be increased

agreed accommodation price for the 21 days prior to the start date of the reservation

during. If the increase in the accommodation price is after the reservation has been made

more than 10 percent, the customer has the right to cancel the reservation

without cost. The customer must be notified of the cancellation of the reservation

to the accommodation within a week after the customer was informed of the price

from the increase.

The property has the right to make international credit card holders

in connection with the reservation, debiting and pre-verification from the credit card.

As an advance payment, the credit card can be charged at the time of booking

reasonable booking fee.

If the accommodation company has not done pre-verification, the accommodation company has

the right to charge a reasonable fee when the customer logs in

a guarantee for using additional services (such as a minibar).


  1. Appearance of the customer at the accommodation

The customer is obliged to follow good manners and take into account

the rules of order of the accommodation establishment notified to him. If the customer

seriously violates these rules, he may be immediately removed

from the accommodation. In that case, however, the customer must pay

the price of his accommodation and the additional services he ordered and he cannot claim already

refund of the payment made.


  1. Responsibility for the customer’s property

The customer can store his valuables in the locker in the room or

At the customer’s request, the accommodation provider can take this for storage

valuables. The accommodation has the right to charge a fee for storage.

If the property to be kept by the customer is exceptional

valuable, he must notify the accommodation before taking it into custody

leaving. The accommodation may refuse to take custody of such


The customer is responsible for his own luggage, unless the accommodation company has taken it

to keep them. If the accommodation company is not responsible for taking it for storage

of the customer’s luggage, the accommodation establishment must explicitly inform

here for the customer.

The property is not responsible for the customer’s belongings in the room’s locker

of property.

The property does not answer in the garage or in the property’s parking lot

the customer’s means of transport or the property inside it

damage or loss.


  1. Customer’s responsibility for damage

The customer is responsible for what he causes intentionally or negligently

of damages such as smoking in the room by him, his guest

or their pets cause a disturbance to the room or the accommodation to others

premises, the furniture or equipment there, and the accommodation establishment

other customers or their property.

Liability for damages is determined by the general rules for damages

according to the principles.


  1. Error and error notification

If the room or the related arrangements ordered at the time of booking

or the services do not correspond to what has been agreed or can be considered agreed,

there is an error in the performance of the accommodation.

If the room is not available to the customer at the promised time, the accommodation company

there is an error in execution.

However, the customer cannot claim an error if he does not report it

to the reception of the accommodation facility or to the contact person indicated in the reservation

within a reasonable time after he discovered the mistake or should have

it detect.


  1. Error correction and price reduction

The accommodation must correct the error without delay at its own expense.

However, the accommodation may refuse to correct the error, if

would incur unreasonable costs or unreasonable inconvenience. The customer gets

to refuse to correct the mistake if it would have a material effect on him


If the error has not been corrected without delay at the expense of the accommodation establishment or

if the error cannot be corrected, the customer has the right to explain the error

to the corresponding price reduction. In addition, the customer has the right to compensation

of the immediate damages caused to him.


  1. Disagreements between the accommodation establishment and the customer

The accommodation facility and the customer primarily negotiate between them

of disagreements.

In situations of disagreement, the customer can get help from a consumer rights adviser.

The customer can also refer the dispute to the Consumer Disputes Board

to be processed.