Breathe the magic of infinity

At Tundrea, it is good – to just be.

Finland’s most impressive fell nature beats at the heart of Kilpisjärvi. It invites you to form a connection with the sense of infinity, below the Northern Lights. At the base of holy fell Saana time stands still. Timelessness and freshness leaves its mark and attracts people again and again to Kilpisjärvi.
We get the best of all tourists.

Our community is warm and our location is perfect at the very shore of the clear-watered Lake Kilpisjärvi. All of our accommodations opens out to beautiful fell landscapes. Our wide selection of accommodation options are able to respond to the needs of both big and small groups without forgetting about romantic destinations – from experiential accommodation to cabins and apartments
– always keeping privacy in mind.

Welcome to experience unforgettable evenings and unique days at Tundrea!


Are you dreaming of a sensory night at Tundrea Igloohouse, little suite with a view or a cosy, well-equipped cabin? 

Authentic or luxury – your choice. Nature and Tundrea will take care of the rest.

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Restaurant Tundrea offers culinary enjoyment from the pure nature of Lapland. The restaurant’s
menus represent local raw ingredients with a fresh grip while respecting tradition.

Enjoy dinner in the restaurant, a hut dinner at the blaze of the fire or order delicacies to your cabin.
We always provide our best.
A take away menu and catering services available for groups of all sizes.

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At Tundrea, there is no need to do anything in order to enjoy. The lights of the sky and breathing the horizon, the fells, the wind and the murmur of the stream entwine in the sense of being as if by themselves.

At Kilpisjärvi, there are things to do and activities during every season: Experiential skiing weather,
fish-rich waters, fells to climb as well as hiking and terrain routes to travel by foot or mountain bike.

We offer equipment hire, routes and instructions. The programme services are implemented in cooperation with local operators.

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  • Starting point of the Ice Age, ending
    point of the Finnish war, three-country border spot.

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  • Kilpisjärvi and the great Saana.

  •  Finland’s national landscapes.

  • Northern Lights at clear nights.

  • Time to slow down and enjoy the nature.

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Covid 19 -info

Even Covid-19 does not disturb the peace of Kilpisjärvi. Please remember to still check out the travel restrictions and announcements. We do our share to ensure the hygiene of the accommodation premises and we observe the regional restrictions.

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