About us

Kilpisjärvi Holiday Resort Tundrea
since 1980

Tundrea – Kilpisjärven Loma Oy was originally two siblings’ and their partners’ leap towards a dream. Siblings Hilkka and Elli-Maria are from Enontekiö’s village of Kuttanen. Their love for Kilpisjärvi was formed already at an early age and the lack of a local accommodation company was kept in mind. The dream was uplifted when the Municipality of Enontekiö sold a plot in Tsahkal, between Tsahkaljohka and Tsahkalpuro. The mission in the 80s was to create five-star accommodation in Kilpisjärvi. The professions of one of the founding couples began to require more time, so Hilkka and Taisto Vanhapiha bought the company in 1986.

The accommodation of the holiday resort wanted to be based on quality and local expertise. Log construction is not the most affordable or the easiest, but it is definitely the best option for healthy buildings in Lapland. Tundrea has not been built on the basis of numbers, but from the heart alongside other professions, during holidays and in the summer.

Hilkka and Taisto have built the holiday resort in stages while bringing up their small twin sons. Hilkka – winner of the nation’s official tongue-in-cheek village crazy competition and Taisto – a man, who doesn’t get bored of building, enjoy serving their customers. According to Taisto “it is nice to serve customers who are always in a good mood”.

The holiday resort was named Tundrea in connection with the generational change in 2010.

In 2022, operations continue to flourish. Of their four sons, their youngest, twins Simo and Sauli carry out business operations from the shore of Kilpisjärvi.

Tundrea’s history includes many fun moments. Here, if anywhere, you are part of the environment just as you are. Everyone is an equal and valuable guest.

Faithful brothers

The twin brothers played in limestone piles, thinking it was snow, while the mother welcomed the visitors and checked the guests into the cabins. The family lived in a trailer during the seasonal period, and observed the progress of the cabin village’s construction from its windows. Until the Hilkka house was completed.

In 2009, the 24-year-old twins, Simo and Sauli, suddenly took over the management of the company when their mother, Hilkka, passed away. In addition to Hilkka’s family and relatives, tourists who had become close friends with her, miss her.

Big brothers, Timo and Rauno have also supported the manager twins in the development of the company.