Nature is always on

A sudden snow storm will quickly make you unable to see even your own hands. If you know how to handle the demanding conditions of the tundra, this amazing experience is something to revel in.

On the tundra, man really is small. Here, nature commands respect. But don’t be afraid. If you are less than confident about your wilderness survival skills, just enjoy a warm night by the fire in your Tundrea chalet, listening to the storm!

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“Kaamos” gets your batteries charged

What about the dark “kaamos” season – the softest experience in Kilpisjärvi? “Kaamos” is not a dark blanket over your head. It is a luxurious duvet you can wrap around you. The mysterious, blue dusk will quiet down those buzzing nerves. Now is the time for rest and tranquility. Everyone should be given a “kaamos” holiday in Kilpisjärvi!

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The most frequent northern lights in Finland

The northern lights, suddenly brightening up the black sky with their flowing dance, are equally spellbinding every time you see them. Kilpisjärvi is the optimal place for witnessing the northern lights. Here, they appear often, and there is no light pollution dimming this natural spectacle.  

The Kilpisjärvi area has: 

  • Saana, the most well-known of Finnish fells
  • Halti, the highest point in Finland
  • All 40 of Finland’s peaks that reach over 1000 metres
  • Unique surroundings for hiking and the North Calotte hiking trail
  • The longest skiing season in Finland
  • The Three-Country Cairn of Finland, Sweden and Norway
  • The cleanest air in Europe
  • Malla Nature Reserve
  • Unique plants and birds

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