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Norhern lights

Scientists say that the aurora borealis phenomenon is caused by solar winds colliding with the Earth’s atmosphere. According to ancient beliefs, the northern lights, or “fox fires” in Finnish, are born when Repo, the cosmic fire fox, swings his tail along the side of the fell, making sparks fly into the sky.

Revontulet | Tundrea - Kilpisjärvi

Be it how it may, Auroras Now! is a service that makes it easier to observe these mystical fires in the Finnish sky. The service, provided by the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), includes magnetic field alarm systems for Northern and Southern Finland, as well as cameras monitoring the northern lights.

The magnetic field alarms are based on the data of magnetometers measuring the disturbance level of the Earth’s magnetic field at the geophysical observatories in Nurmijärvi and Sodankylä. Auroras Now! is part of the ESA Space Weather Applications Pilot Project.

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  • Northern lights | Tundrea – Kilpisjärvi
  • Northern lights | Tundrea – Kilpisjärvi

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  • Kuva | Tundrea – Kilpisjärvi

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