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Where is Kilpisjärvi located?

Kilpisjärvi is located in North-West Lapland, in the “arm” of Finland.

How do I get to Kilpisjärvi?

You can fly to Kittilä or to Hetta in Enontekiö, and then continue on a taxibus to Kilpisjärvi. From Kittilä, it takes 3 hours and 45 minutes and from Hetta, 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach Kilpisjärvi. There is a daily bus connection from Rovaniemi (travel time 6 hours) and additionally during high season a connection from Kolari railway station (travel time 3 hours and 50 minutes). Another option is to first take a car-carrier train and drive your own car the rest of the way.

How do I get around in the Kilpisjärvi area?

The Kilpisjärvi taxi service is available around the clock. A taxi can take you on a trip to the Norwegian side of the border, for example. In the winter, many sights can be reached on snowmobiles. The helicopter has been called the third most common vehicle in Kilpisjärvi. A helicopter or a small plane can take you to fishing and hiking destinations or to the fells for downhill skiing. Thanks to Tundrea’s central location, you’ll also be able to get around easily on foot.

Are there any restaurant services at Tundrea?

There is a licensed restaurant at Tundrea. You can eat at the restaurant or take your meal out to your chalet.

Can I bring my pets into the chalet?

Yes, some chalets are reserved for visitors with pets. Be sure to mention the pets when you make your reservation. There is no extra charge for pets.

What can I do in Kilpisjärvi?

The many activities that Kilpisjärvi offers include cross-country skiing, hiking, snowmobiling, backcountry skiing, fishing and ice-fishing, photography, aviation, watching birds and plants, and ice swimming. In the summer, the Arctic Ocean and the fresh mountain brooks offer experiences comparable to ice swimming in the winter. From Kilpisjärvi, you can easily reach the mountains and seascapes of Norway.

Where can I stay in Kilpisjärvi?

The Tundrea Holiday Centre offers modern, high quality facilities that accommodate both small and large groups. You can choose to stay in a chalet, a holiday apartment or in the caravan park. Tundrea has a total of 154 beds and 118 caravan sites with electricity. In addition, the Luongasloma chalets have 15 beds.

What sights are there in Kilpisjärvi?

Saana and Halti. The Saana fell, with its distinctive profile, is right by the village. A few days’ hike away from Kilpisjärvi is the highest point in Finland, the Halti fell, reaching 1324 metres above sea level. If you are fit enough, you’ll only need a day’s trip to climb Halti from the Norwegian side where you will first need to travel by car. In the winter, you can conquer Halti on a snowmobile, accompanied by a local guide.

Malla Nature Reserve

Many rare plants and animals. The Three-Country Cairn is the point where Finland, Sweden and Norway meet and it is located at the corner of the nature reserve. Take a tour of the Nordic countries just by walking around the border marker!


Some of the most impressive are the Kitsijoki river waterfall in the Malla Nature Reserve, the Tsahkaljoki waterfall two kilometres east of the village and the mighty Pitsusköngäs waterfall along the North Calotte hiking trail.


The highest point on Finnish roads, 565 metres above sea level. Located south of the village, on arrival in Kilpisjärvi.

Raittijärvi Sami village

The only Sami village that is located in the wilderness with no roads leading to it, but inhabited throughout the year. You can visit Raittijärvi on a guided safari excursion.

Sights in Norway

The shores of the Arctic Ocean in Norway can be reached in 45 minutes. Tromsø, also known as the N Paris of the North, offers shopping and restaurants, the Arctic Cathedral, a cable car to the mountain, museums, an arctic aquarium and a golf course.

What services does Tundrea offer?

Tundrea is a full-service holiday centre. The accommodations options are chalets, apartments and caravan park. Our restaurant offers delicious dining experiences on the premises or as take-out to the chalets. Through Tundrea, you can also book all the excursions and other tourist services available in Kilpisjärvi.

What is the best time of the year to visit Kilpisjärvi?

Kilpisjärvi has lots to offer all year round. You can choose winter or summer activities according to your personal preferences. The flaming autumn colours of “ruska”, the dark “kaamos” season, the sparkling snowfields in the spring and the midnight sun in the summer – Kilpisjärvi has always something different to offer – perfect for visiting several times a year!

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