- The country of Tundrea

Kilpisjärvi is a village in the remote tundra of Finnish Lapland, in the outstretched “arm” of Finland. Kilpisjärvi is located right at the bottom of the most well-known of Finnish fell mountains, the mighty Saana with its distinctive profile.

The tundra gives free roam to the mind and invites you to different activities. This makes Kilpisjärvi the ideal destination for anyone who enjoys being surrounded by nature, like skiers, hikers and photographers. Kilpisjärvi provides you with all the services a visitor may require.

Tundrea Kilpisjärven rannalla

The Kilpisjärvi area has:

  • Saana, the most well-known of Finnish fells
  • Halti, the highest point in Finland
  • All peaks reaching over 1000 metres in Finland
  • The longest skiing season in Finland
  • The tripoint of Finland, Sweden and Norway
  • The cleanest air in Europe
  • The Kilpisjärvi area has:Malla Nature Reserve
  • Unique plants and birds

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