The results for the Kilpisjarvi Ice Fishing Competition 2015, Vain kaksi kalaa

»Julkaistu 5.5.2014 kohteeseen Current news and events

The results for the Kilpisjarvi Ice Fishing Competition 2015 Wow, what a competition! We got huge number of happy participants here in Kilpisjarvi, Lapland! Weather was excellent during the weekend and the snow conditions are unique, in May we still have 82 centimeters of snow here in Kilpisjarvi. Also the ice situation in Lake Kilpisjarvi is great, there is still 97 centimeters of ice on the Lake… On Saturday we caught record high number of fish, but on Sunday results were typical for us, only two fish were caught. Here you can see the results for the Kilpisjarvi Ice Fishing Competition 2015, vain kaksi kalaa 2015 The rest of the prizes and lottery ticket numbers can be found here: Whole Kilpisjarvi was super-crowded...

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Cross Country Skiing and snowmobiling in Lapland, Kilpisjarvi

»Julkaistu 18.3.2014 kohteeseen Current news and events

Now we really do have winter up here! Officially we have 152 centimeters of snow and last night we had -34,4 °C temperature, so pretty awesome! Day temperatures are around -10°C so, it’s perfect time for winter fun. We have lot’s of visitors who are cross country skiing, enjoying husky safaries, or riding snowmobiles. Cross country skiing tracks are in top shape and they are regularly maintained. You can book from us also mountain cross country skiing trip organized by Kilpissafarit. With these trips you don’t have to worry about taking heavy backpacks with you, our safari guides take them with snowmobiles to high mountains.  Kilpisjarvi snowmobile routes are also in great shape. There is now more snow than in many, many years. You can have...

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Record Snowfall in Kilpisjarvi

»Julkaistu 4.12.2013 kohteeseen Current news and events

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! We are having a lot of snow here in Kilpisjarvi, actually more than ever. We actually broke the record already in November, but the snow keeps coming… Now we have 117 cm of snow. We are definitely going to have a white Christmas here in Kilpisjarvi Lapland. It will be really easy for Santa Claus to visit us with his sleigh ride. Greetings from Kilpisjarvi, Lapland

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First snow in Kilpisjarvi, Lapland

»Julkaistu 27.9.2013 kohteeseen Current news and events

We had our first snowfall of the year in Kilpisjarvi. Of course at this time of the year, the snow doesn’t last for many minutes, but still these are the first signs of coming winter. The period for the autumn colors (ruska in Lapland) was really nice this year. The weather was great, we had warm period with virtually no rain for many weeks in September. Now it is time to move on. Let’s hope that we will get snow soon so we can start our early skiing season this year. Yours truly, * Crew of Tundrea, your accommodation in Kilpisjarvi, Lapland

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Happy Easter

»Julkaistu 26.3.2013 kohteeseen Current news and events

It’s now the best skiing season of the year. We have now 78 centimeters of snow here in Kilpisjarvi: Skiing trails are in good condition and we have passed the spring equinox, so the day is longer than night. Now sun is shining 13 hours a day, and soon in June we have midnight sun. There is only a month to go to one of Finland’s biggest ice fishing competition, only two fish 2013 (In Finnish “vain kaksi kalaa”) competition in Kilpisjarvi, Lapland. We strongly recommend you to come to see this event, it’s definitely one of the funniest ice fishing competition there is. The competition is 4th and 5th of May, 2013. Main prizes are Tohatsu boat and Lynx Commander 600 ETEC Snowmobile. Getting an accommodation in Kilpisjarvi during the ice fishing competition...

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Tundrea in Facebook!

»Julkaistu 3.7.2012 kohteeseen Current news and events

Tundrea has recently opened its facebook site. Go and check out the happenings and enter to TUNDREA 300!! Winner gets gift card to a free accommodation in Tundrea.

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