On foot, on skis, on snowmobiles

The tundra is a unique zone for hiking. There are trails to take you to Halti fell or on a day trip to conquer the Saana fell, among other places. The North Calotte hiking trail that is hundreds of kilometres long passes through Kilpisjärvi

The Malla Nature Reserve is also wonderful hiking ground. This is the kingdom of the lynx and the wolverine, and humans are welcome as long as they stay on the marked paths.

In Kilpisjärvi, the skiing season is longer than anywhere else in Finland. It lasts from October to early summer, when a swimsuit makes for adequate skiing attire. If the skis seem too slow, grab yourself a snowmobile. Guided snowmobile excursions are the best way to see the sights. With a local guide you can even conquer the Halti fell, otherwise a zone where snowmobiles are not allowed.


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