Cross Country Skiing and snowmobiling in Lapland, Kilpisjarvi

» Julkaistu 18.3.2014 kohteeseen Current news and events

Now we really do have winter up here! Officially we have 152 centimeters of snow and last night we had -34,4 °C temperature, so pretty awesome!

Day temperatures are around -10°C so, it’s perfect time for winter fun. We have lot’s of visitors who are cross country skiing, enjoying husky safaries, or riding snowmobiles.

Cross country skiing tracks are in top shape and they are regularly maintained. You can book from us also mountain cross country skiing trip organized by Kilpissafarit. With these trips you don’t have to worry about taking heavy backpacks with you, our safari guides take them with snowmobiles to high mountains. 

Kilpisjarvi snowmobile routes are also in great shape. There is now more snow than in many, many years. You can have shorter trips from Kilpisjarvi to Ice Ocean or Halti mountain. Longer trails can go all the way from Kilpisjarvi to Levi or even to Rovaniemi. If the weather continues like this we can do snowmobiling even in May.

Greetings from Tundrea, cabins, chalets, and accommodation Lapland, Kilpisjarvi



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