Midsummer in Kilpisjarvi 2012

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Annual Kilpisjarvi Midsummer Skiing competition Juhannushiihdot 2012 will be held in Kilpisjarvi next week. This is probably the best known summer skiing competition in the world.

This year’s competition will be the 67th of its history. Juhannushiihdot competition dates back to year 1946.

Skiing track length will be around 200 meters long and there are leagues for everybody from juniors to seniors. So the competition is actually not too serious… You don’t need to have your own gear; you can rent the skis for free from the competition site. Just wear enough clothing, it can still be pretty chilly up in the mountain. You are warmly welcome to attend!

Kilpisjarvi Midsummer 2012 program:

Friday 22.6. at 17.00 Skiing Competition “Juhannushiihdot”
Saturday 23.6. at 12.00 “Tunturirastit” –Orienteering competition
Sunday 24.6.  at 12.00 Saana mountain run event
Sunday 24.6. at 11.30–13.30 “Hero of the mountain Saana” – boot throwing competition

There will be also traditional Midsummer bonfire.

This year there is a new event: Orienteering event. In this even there are many checkpoints to find. Also in this event there are many different leagues from beginners to professionals. In this event the sceneries are magnificent.

Saana mountain run event starts on Sunday noon. The length of this race is 4 kilometers uphill (total 500 meters elevation).

“Hero of the mountain Saana” boot throwing competition is totally laid-back event. It is suitable for everyone and the atmosphere is really easygoing.

This event is organized by local sports club Saanaveikot Ry together with Kunnon Elämä Ry. Welcome to Kilpisjarvi!

PS. Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about this event or if you want to find accommodation or chalets in Kilpisjarvi. Cheers!

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