Snowmobiling in Kilpisjarvi

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April is perfect month for Snowmobiling in Kilpisjarvi area. There are many interesting destinations to visit and many trails to discover.

The most popular trails in Kilpisjarvi are:

Kilpisjärvi – Halti (n. 65 km oneway)

Kilpisjärvi – Oteren, Norway (85 km oneway)

Kilpisjärvi – Karesuvanto (n. 125 km oneway)

Kilpisjärvi – Kiruna, Sweden (n. 190 km oneway)

Kilpisjärvi – Abisko, Sweden (n. 230 km oneway)

Kilpisjärvi – Levi (n. 290 km oneway)

Kilpisjärvi – Rovaniemi (n. 560 km oneway).

There is 79 centimeters of snow in Kilpisjarvi. In the Mountain trail there are some visible rocks from lake Termis to Munnikurkkio, so there it is recommended to drive carefully.

You are warmly welcome to Snowscooter in Kilpisjarvi!

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